Price of Rugs in Calligraphy Designs

Shahrokh Company specializes in a captivating rug collection known as calligraphy rugs. These rugs showcase Quranic ayahs, which are verses from the Quran. As Arabic is the language of the Quran, the ayahs are written in Arabic script and follow the right-to-left grammar of the Arabic language. To ensure efficiency and productivity, Shahrokh Company utilizes […]

Tabriz Rugs Design

The Tabriz rug design is a type of Persian rug design that originated an Iranian city called Tabriz. Shahrokh Carpet Company is proud to produce 1200-reed rugs in this beautiful design. Tabriz design features a large central medallion surrounded by smaller floral motifs and intricate borders. This design is known for its symmetrical and highly […]

An Introduction to Shahrokh Carpet Company

Shahrokh Carpet Holding, located in Kashan, Iran, is a group of four companies that employ over 850 individuals. With over 40 years of experience in the machine-made carpet industry, this holding began by producing carpet weaving looms and has since expanded into other fields, including carpet finishing, yarn dyeing, fringe weaving, and the production of […]

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

If you’re in the business of distributing rugs in your region, you’re likely to be concerned about competition from other suppliers. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want your rug supplier to sell the same designs to your competitors, as this could lead to pricing issues for your own customers. At Shahrokh Carpet Company, we have […]

How to wash machine-woven silk rugs

Some consumers ask us if our 1700-reed rugs are washable. Sure, they are. But don’t forget if they’re stained, you should rinse the whole carpet together. And if you use carpet cleaner or carpet shampoo, you should dilute it in water. Use a sponge and apply it in the direction of the pile yarn, not […]

The densest rugs in the world

The 1700-reed rugs manufactured by Shahrokh Carpet Company are the densest machine-woven rugs in the world, with over 5.5 million thread points per square meter. They are made of modal pile yarn, which gives them the appearance of handmade silk rugs. Despite being machine-woven, these rugs receive a hand-finishing process, featuring natural and pure silk […]

To be made in Iran or not to be?

If you import rugs from Iran to countries like the US, the UK, or other European countries, you may encounter limitations due to American embargoes. You need to make extra efforts to ensure that the documents related to the cargo, such as the certificate of origin, bill of lading, invoice, and packing list, do not […]

How we facilitate your order submission

Have you ever gotten confused with the names of rug designs while placing an order to Iranian rug suppliers? Try these examples: Soltanieh, Afshan Qajari, Bagh Moallaq. Even if you can speak Persian as a foreign language, you may find these names difficult to pronounce. As a result, you are likely to place incorrect orders. […]

A Reliable Supplier

What if the rugs you imported from Iran are defective or stained? Would you come to Iran to sue the Iranian carpet supplier? How do you think the supplier would react? Here’s a true short story about a dissatisfied customer. A few weeks ago, we used a shipping agency we hadn’t worked with before to […]

Solutions to your rug size problem

If feet and inches are common measurement units of length in your country, and you would like to import carpets from Iran, you will likely encounter difficulties with the dimensions in meters and centimeters, as these have always been the official measurement units in Iran. For example, if you distribute rugs in India and your […]

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Why choose us

Are you in the carpet business? Have you been trading in machine-woven rugs? Do you distribute them in your own country or re-export them around the world? If so, you can count on Shahrokh Carpet Company as a reliable supplier of machine-woven rugs because we manufacture them ourselves. If authentic Persian rug designs are popular with […]