A Reliable Supplier

What if the rugs you imported from Iran are defective or stained? Would you come to Iran to sue the Iranian carpet supplier? How do you think the supplier would react? Here’s a true short story about a dissatisfied customer. A few weeks ago, we used a shipping agency we hadn’t worked with before to ship twenty pieces of our premium 1700-reed rugs to Turkey. However, the cargo was not delivered promptly and the rugs were stained. The customer was furious, even though they hadn’t settled the invoice yet. To make matters worse, it seemed the rugs were imported to Turkey in a questionable manner. It was a total mess. Here’s what Shahrokh Carpet Company did: We asked the customer to set aside the damaged rugs, exempted the customer from paying for those rugs, and asked the shipping agency to return the damaged rugs and carry the substitutes to our customer at their own expense. The shipping agency did not agree, which was not unexpected. Finally, Shahrokh Carpet Company compensated the customer itself and settled the dispute.