1700 Reeds carpet

1700-Reed carpet, a unique phenomenon in the carpet industry

Shahrokh Carpet Company produces authentic designs of Iranian carpets using advanced weaving machinery and high-quality raw materials. Carpet Company is also the innovator in producing the densest machine-made carpets in the world, in 1700 reeds. To achieve this level of quality, the company has hired the best Iranian carpet designers to manufacture products in various designs with high creativity and innovation. Shahrokh Carpet Company not only distributes its products in Iran but also exports them to various countries around the world, including Asian countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, the UAE, and China, as well as European and African countries.

Shahrokh carpet - 1700 reed rugs

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Shahrokh Carpet Company provides you with almost everything you have in mind regarding authentic Persian 1700-Reed rug designs. Click to see the world’s finest woven carpet collection.

Silk Protrial Rug Collection

1700-Reed Machine-Woven rugs

ًQom Classic Collection

1700-Reed Machine-Woven rugs

ًVenus Collection

1700-Reed Machine-Woven rugs

Popular carpet shapes and sizes

Show Iranian carpets of 1700 reeds in different dimensions.
ابعاد فرش - 350 در 250


فرش 300*200


فرش 200*150


فرش مربع


فرش دایره


فرش کناره


Variation in color

Display of 20 colors in carpets and silk carpets of 1700-Reed.

رنگ کرم - cream color


رنگ سبز - green color


رنگ خاکستری - gray color


رنگ بنفش- purple color


رنگ قرمز - red/orange color


رنگ زرد - yellow color


رنگ آبی- blue color


رنگ قهوه ای- brown color


رنگ مشکی - black color


خرید فرش 1700 شانه کاشان از شرکت فرش شاهرخ

luxurious 1700-reed rugs

Our luxurious 1700-reed rugs are combinations of machine work and handicrafts because although they’re woven by machines, their finishing process is done by hand. This is similar to how hand-knotted rugs are washed, carved and finished. That’s not all. The fringe and edges of these rugs are delicately sewn by hand, too! In fact, with about 5,780,000 points per square meter and their modal pile yarn, only experienced hand-made rug experts can distinguish how they’re different from hand-knotted rugs. Despite this unbelievable similarity, our exquisite and soft rugs don’t cost nearly as much as hand-knotted rugs made of pure silk.

you , as a merchant, don’t have to tie up your capital by investing in silk hand-knotted rugs, which look invaluable but difficult to sell. It’s time to shift to their chic machine-made substitutes.