About us


Shahrokh Carpet Company is a privately held company in the textile floor covering industry in Iran, which has manufactured quality machine-woven carpets and rugs in authentic Persian and modern designs for above 25 years.

This company has applied the cutting-the-edge machinery and premium raw materials to maximize the quality of its products and to play a leading role in this industry . However, skillful human forces are the strength of this company. They have tried to improve customers' satisfaction with their creativity in designing and expertise in production.


To meet its customers' satisfaction, this company has developed the Customer Relationship Management Systems and has managed to proudly qualify for a variety of certificates such as ISO 9001 and ISIRI to guarantee its qualification throughout the world. That is why Shahrokh Carpet Company is a well-known brand in the machine-woven carpet industry.


• Sustainable development of weaving technology
• Increase of production capacity
• Increase of design variety
• Continuous improvement of customer services
Shahrokh Carpet Company Catalog

This catalog includes some products of Shahrokh Carpet Company in a variety of sizes and colors.

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