How to wash machine-woven silk rugs

Some consumers ask us if our 1700-reed rugs are washable. Sure, they are. But don’t forget if they’re stained, you should rinse the whole carpet together. And if you use carpet cleaner or carpet shampoo, you should dilute it in water. Use a sponge and apply it in the direction of the pile yarn, not in the opposite direction. This is how you can wash the 1700-reed rugs produced by Shahrokh Carpet Company.

Unlike some other similar products, pile yarns of Shahrokh carpets have more resistance against water. You won’t have to be worried if you take the cautions below seriously.

  1. Never get a carpet wash company to wash these rugs by machines . Get them washed by hand.
  2. Never wash only one part of the rug.
  3. Don’t wash the rug in the direction opposite of the pile direction.
  4. Don’t use strong washing chemicals.