How we facilitate your order submission

Have you ever gotten confused with the names of rug designs while placing an order to Iranian rug suppliers? Try these examples: Soltanieh, Afshan Qajari, Bagh Moallaq. Even if you can speak Persian as a foreign language, you may find these names difficult to pronounce. As a result, you are likely to place incorrect orders. You could use the code of designs instead of their names. However, using codes may not be a foolproof plan since some suppliers won’t stop changing these codes carelessly in the new updates of their catalogues. Consequently, if you want to repeat an order, you may be shocked by the design of rugs you receive after bearing a lot of freight charges. Moreover, you can’t rely solely on the catalogues they send you. For one thing, they don’t usually have a search tool in their PDF catalogues. Therefore, it takes too much time to scan the entire catalogue, which is usually quite lengthy.

Even if you manage to find the design, you can’t be certain about the shades of colors mentioned under each design photo as available background colors. Names of different shades of colors could cause big trouble. If their translator made a mistake, you wouldn’t know what to do with the rugs that have been woven in large quantities. Take maroon and crimson as examples. Which one looks darker? Are you sure that you and your carpet supplier agree on the answer? What if they say navy blue, but it looks black to you?

At Shahrokh Carpet Company, we have a simple but efficient solution for these problems. We typically create a pictorial list for our customers once they provide us with a draft of the items they need. We insert clear and visible photos of the rug designs they have chosen, showcasing their preferred background colors. In addition, we include the quantity of your order in the dimensions that you prefer.

The benefits of this pictorial list are numerous. Above all, you can view designs that were spread across two or more catalogues in one place. Secondly, you can eliminate the confusion of bombastic Persian design names and order what you see. Furthermore, you can compare various shades of the same color and decide which one looks best. Finally, we provide you with the pictorial list in Excel format, allowing you to easily edit the quantity of pieces in each size and design yourself.