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June 27, 2022

A Short Introduction of Kashan

A Short Introduction of Kashan Kashan Kashan is one of the hot and dry cities of Iran, which is located in the south of Qom Salt Lake. Exact information about how this city was built is […]
December 22, 2020

History of Machine-Made carpets

History of machine-made carpets in the Middle East and its production in Kashan, as well as the advantages of machine-made carpets over hand-woven carpets
December 5, 2020
نخ ریسندگی فرش شاهرخ تولیدی فرش ماشینی

Heat-Set Carpet

Advantages of carpet woven with heat set yarn: increased quality, more attractiveness and longevity of the carpet and color stability of the carpet after washing
November 8, 2020
نحوه پاک کردن لکه چای و قهوه

How to remove old stains

How to remove old stains from carpets? Some stains on carpets may be from years ago and may not have been removed for whatever reason, but now you intend to remove them. It does not matter […]
November 5, 2020
روش تازدن صحیح فرش ماشینی

The correct method of rolling machine carpet

Kashan carpet needs more care than other home furnishings due to its high material and artistic value. Also, the presence of the carpet and its health, multiplies the beauty of home decoration. Among the things that […]